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“How lucky for the abusive super rich that the common man or woman chooses or prefers ignorance and lack of courage” – Sam Sky Welcome to learning how to negotiate, a modern and improved way to reach out and obtain what you want in life. According to – “Negotiation is the mutual discussion and arrangement […]

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Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit

These are a few secrets to: Obtain Business Credit that Sales People will NEVER Reveal Even if you hire a company to assist you in building business credit you will need to find an assistant, or yourself, who is very organized and will need to put in 15-20 hours of work for the first six […]

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Rules of Negotiating Debt

The smartest negotiating tactic thing to do before settling a “Recent” debt is to document (certified mail or email) a “dispute” as to the total amount of monies owed. Be precisely this general with this wording of specifics. Independently, a summary judgment (automatic/no trial verdict) requires that the defendant not had a previous dispute as […]

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