Credit Repair Pay For Results Only

We are a pay for results credit repair company (if items do not come off your credit report that month, then your bill is zero).

We don’t just send letters to the credit bureaus, cross our fingers, say a prayer, and hope for the best. We have letters that are designed to go to the credit bureaus, subsidiary bureaus, creditors, collectors, your State Attorney General, Office of the Comptroller, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and more.

If there are mortgage issues such as that the original creditor has gone out of business, or that the original creditor is not even listed on the credit report, then we have letters that go to the Office of the Comptroller for being legally incomplete – even if these items have reached foreclosure or short sale status.

We have letters that are designed to go to Banking and Finance or the Office for Financial Regulations in filing complaints against a consumer collection license for either illegally re-aging an account and/or failing to list the original creditor, or even failing to list the date of last activity. (Our complaints are subject to withdrawal so long as they remove the derogatory/negative reporting – or we give them a special gift of 2-3 hours’ worth of paperwork in responses).

We also have letters that are designated to go to the State Attorney General’s office as well as other agencies that legally assist us in removing these negative items off of your credit reports. We can prepare affidavits, do certified mail, and use other effective techniques to improve your credit repair process. We also have other proprietary techniques that mandate and compel the credit bureaus to remove your negative items in numerous special situations.

CPN # (Credit Profile Number)

We can assist consumers, in whereby they can legally apply for a CPN/Credit Profile Number/aka Credit Privacy Number, which is not currently tied to your social security number. This number is also not tied to your current creditors and/or the credit bureau data bases that are linked to your old social security number. This is a new and legal 9 digit number, (you are allowed 1 extra 9 digit number in your life).

**Don’t get scammed

If a company won’t accept credit cards as payments for CPN’s and Trade Lines – you have no protection to get your money back – (no other protective dispute alternative).

You are wide open to being ripped off, like many other companies/people who claim to know what they’re doing.

**If they won’t take credit cards – ask yourself – why not? Then ask yourself – why do we?

Major Warning:

CPN #’s are issued either in a fashion of –

  • Bad
  • Okay
  • (or) Superb

*Bad CPN #’s

is when a company only does a 7 year “activity” check on a 9 digit number.
Repurcussion: *This number could turn out to be an actual person’s social security number of someone who has been in prison for 30 years, a P.O.W., or a dead person.

*Okay CPN #’s

is when a company pulls an open 9 digit number from the SSA (Social Security Administration) and certifies it as a CPN (Credit Privacy Number) – most commonly referred to as a Credit Profile Number.
Repurcussion: *This number will be “red flagged” – it will display “caution” or “warning” when big banks run this number through a separate SSN validator. The SSN validator (software) is their (only viable) protection attempt to sniff out CPN numbers as opposed to actual social security numbers typically used for loans (on cars) over $30,000 and (credit cards) over a $5000 limit.

*Superb CPN #’s

Performed by us – and only 1 other legitimate competitor that we are aware of!! Most people aren’t aware that the SSA gives the “States” blocks of numbers at a time. For example; Michigan may get a block of X amount of numbers starting with 381 and when they run out of numbers from that specific given block – they are given another block of numbers – still almost always starting continuing with 381. We have the know how to grab a specific 9 digit number that was given in a block to the state – and we have the ability to register it first, and legally prevent that number from being issued to a person as a social security number.

*The major huge benefit: *For loans on cars of $30,000 or more and for credit cards with a $5000 limit and higher – The banks separately now run your 9 digit number through a SSN validator (software system). If your 9 digit number was not grabbed/plucked out of the block of numbers from the “State” (not the SSA) then a “caution” or “warning” will appear on the SSN validator software and you will usually get turned down for any substantial size credit offers.

Trade lines

We legally add aged authorized user trade lines to a consumer credit report. (example, if your mom or grandma can add you to their credit card – then if the law claims to have equity (treat people equally), then our cardholders can add you on to their card as well. It is now possible for a consumer with a 540 credit score, with no activity at all – to receive three new trade lines and have 780 credit scores or higher within 45 days. We also know which creditors “back date” the reporting from the actual opening date from the original borrower, (these are reported as aged trade lines from 3 years old to 23 years old), and it is now possible that adding these trade lines can tremendously boost up your credit scores within 45 days.