You are likely familiar with dozens of credit repair companies/we are completely different/it is not even close!

We are a pay for results credit repair company (if items do not come off your credit report that month, then your bill is zero).

Most everything is super easy to legally remove off of the credit report.

The only 3 things that we typically have trouble removing are:


  • Bankruptcies less than 4 years old.
  • Sporadic monthly lates (not referring to a consecutive string), on an open account (closed accounts are okay).
  • Recent Charge-offs with major banks/less than 3 or 4 years old.

*All other items/even recent items a year old/6 months old/or even a month old/are usually very easy to remove.

**** We don’t just send letters to the credit bureaus, cross our fingers, say a prayer, and hope for the best. We have letters that are designed to go to the credit bureaus, subsidiary bureaus, CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, creditors, collectors, State Attorney General, Office of the Comptroller, State Banking and Finance, and much more.

Important: We are a pay for results/credit repair company – so there can never be an unhappy client (if items aren’t coming off then we’re not getting paid)! Most companies charge a monthly fee, which creates a perverse incentive to not fix a client up quickly, but rather drag them out for a long time. Each month we do an audit/credit pull/ and we get paid only on what comes off. If nothing comes off the credit report for the month/then our bill for that month, is zero.

*** Our services include helping client’s without active credit – obtain active secured credit cards, and or, get on an authorized user card, possibly even be added to a primary tradeline (with a low balance), also advising them to keep low balances on all accounts, not to make any new purchases before the home is purchased, and to avoid new inquiries if possible.

We can remove “in dispute” statuses within 5 days or left/off of the credit report.

Our disputes almost never have the “in dispute” status appear on the credit report.

Debt negotiation for recent stubborn charge-offs.

We also have you on a monthly credit monitoring (soft pull/ does not hurt your credit score/does not even show up as an inquiry), so you don’t have to mail, or scan in, and attach the numerous communications that you receive from creditors/collectors/bureaus, and other agencies as mentioned herein.

We do FACT ACT letters (2 versus 1 once we get things removed off of 2 credit bureaus), we prepare different reason affidavits, and also at times we also do certified mail, we have select government websites to fill out and generate complaint numbers to further increase our circle of leverage for our disputes, and more.

We do fast debt negotiation/we have software that can email any creditor or collector that reports to the credit bureaus, if there is a recent charge-off that needs to be remedied, fast.


Trade lines

3 great ways to add positive credit to your credit report, is through authorized users (AU’s), primary trade lines, and secured credit cards.


Authorized Users:

It is absolutely legal to add aged authorized user trade lines to a consumer credit report. You can do this yourself (saving you a lot of money) or, you can pay us. We legally add aged authorized user trade lines to a consumer credit report. (example, if your mom or grandma can add you to their credit card – then if the law claims to have equity (treat people equally), then our cardholders can add you on to their card as well. It is now possible for a consumer with a 540 credit score, with no activity at all – to receive three new trade lines and have 780 credit scores or higher within 45 days. We also know which creditors “back date” the reporting from the actual opening date from the original borrower, (these are reported as aged trade lines from 3 years old to 23 years old), and it is now possible that adding these trade lines can tremendously boost up your credit scores within 45 days, or less.


Primary Trade Line Accounts:

It is absolutely legal to add aged primary trade lines to a consumer credit report. You can do this yourself (saving you a lot of money) or, you can pay us. It is absolutely legal to get yourself added to another person’s (friend/family member/business partner/etc…) open, active, aged account as a co-borrower/co guarantor.

(Typically only a Bank V.P or Bank President has the authority to approve and enact this legal credit method: – or, more people would know about/use/try/this method).

See Risk v Rewards as marked with ** below.

If you have a close associate that has an open installment account (such as an auto account/maybe 4 years old/ original loan amount $50,000 and a current balance of under $10,000).

Your associate can add you onto this account as a co-borrower. This account can populate onto your credit report/from 4 years back/and dramatically improve your credit history and credit scores.

**Be aware that if your associate drops dead/or defaults on payments/you will be legally liable for the debt on the loan, since you will officially become a co-guarantor/co-borrower on the loan – and, you will not have the protection of being on the title (to the automobile, or other).


Secured Credit Cards: Need we say more. These secured credit cards advertise, and do, what they say – approve everyone. Secured credit cards are similar to a debit card, except the bank holds your money, and lends you their money so they can legally report to the credit bureaus).

Many banks turn people down for secured credit cards (Bank of America, Capital One, and many more).


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