Probate Attorneys and Will Administrators:

Hospital Liens (owed medical bills) that are placed against estates of those deceased, are becoming more prevalent. Get your estates settled and paid out quickly.
We do the debt negotiation better and faster than anyone.

We work with the collectors, the senior counsel and administrator and Board Members of the medical facilities, to effectuate the best outcome/the lowest settlement amounts.
You may sometimes hear from collectors that they won’t settle for less than 80% of the debt, or sometimes they drop down to 50% of the debt.
We virtually always settle the debt anywhere between 5 cents on the dollar to 35 cents on the dollar (many times this settlement % discrepancy is based on how much equity is in the estate, and other factors).
We charge a small 1-time administrative set up fee of and get a limited/durable POA from the administrator (for debt negotiation purposes only/as it is required since the Hospital and Collectors will not communicate with us regarding the medical accounts, unless they receive written permission). We then forward all offers 50% off or greater to the estate, and they decide which offer they will accept.
After the settlement is accepted by the estate – We charge a small percentage (not of the debt/but of the savings) this is a huge difference. Our success fee can be paid to us immediately or at the disbursement of the estate so long as there are no other pending liens. If there are other pending liens such as judgments or bank debt, then we should be negotiating those accounts as well to expedite payment for everyone.
We have the personal cell phone numbers of many of these collection company owners and of the high-level execs at the hospitals. We have a long history with many of them.


If you need to talk with our CEO, we can schedule a call.

*If you are not the Administrator/Executor of the will but have a large pending inheritance, we can only be of service with the approval of the administrator.

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