Risks and benefits:

We educate our clients on the risks and benefits of not paying their bills or certain types of bills as it relates to their best interest, now and in the future. We do not formally advise consumers to stop paying their bills, however, many overall money saving benefits can commonly be achieved while teaming with us. We certainly understand that many people have either run out of money or, are about to run out of money. We also understand that creditors are notorious for jacking up high interest rates, adding excessive fees, and are using every tactic to strip finances from the middle class. The consumer who does not pay their bills is at risk for higher interest, penalties, and possible judgments. With that said…

The consumer should understand that approximately 80% of all judgments, and most delinquent debt is never paid, nor collected. Furthermore, (you can Google it). However, smart, savvy, people don’t want judgments and or bad credit hanging over their head, for too long. Think about this, almost all creditors and collectors are willing to take less money than what is owed to settle the debt! The time it takes for an average person to do debt negotiation themselves, can be in-cumbersome.


The typical debt settlement companies put you on a hopeful 3-5 year payment plan – they can never guarantee any entity will accept a settlement offer. Your agreement with them has you pay approximately 59% of what you owe, into an escrow account. The escrow bank typically charges you $29 a month, as well. They tell you that 40% is designed to go to the creditors/collectors/and that they are structured to keep 19% as their fee. In their fine print they mention that any settlements less than 40%, that they keep the difference:


Plus, the entire 3-5 years, your credit still sucks.

If you had a top notch company, that settled your debt, and you approved all final settlement offers, and there are no escrow fees/no escrow account/and you would tender the final settlement directly to the credit/collector directly, and save a lot of money, and have them take care of your credit too, would that be a good financial decision for you? How valuable is your time trying to talk to collectors and creditors and being on hold for hours? How serious are you about your debt, credit, and getting on the right financial track?

Most all creditors and collectors will settle debt with different people, at different percentage amounts. Some settlements are at 80%, some at 60%, some at 40%, and some at 20% and lower. WHY SHOULDN’T YOU GET THE BETTER DEAL/BETTER SAVINGS TO YOU, FROM YOUR CREDITOR OR COLLECTOR?

That is why we are here. For you.

When we communicate with your creditors and collectors/upon a mutual agreement/you then pay them directly. Any credit repair fees/debt negotiation fees/ get paid to us “after” (after) the full results are achieved for any specific item, as stated in our terms and conditions. Don’t put this off till later. Call Now 855-291-7557


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