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Credit Repair Pay For Results Only

We are a pay for results credit repair company (if items do not come off your credit report that month, then your bill is zero).We don’t just send letters to the credit bureaus, cross our fingers, say a prayer, and hope for the best. We have letters that are designed to go to the credit bureaus, subsidiary bureaus, creditors, collectors, your State Attorney General, Office of the Comptroller, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and more.

If there are mortgage issues such as that the original creditor has gone out of business, or that the original creditor is not even listed on the credit report, then we have letters that go to the Office of the Comptroller for being legally incomplete – even if these items have reached foreclosure or short sale status.

We have letters that are designed to go to Banking and Finance or the Office for Financial Regulations in filing complaints against a consumer collection license for either illegally re-aging an account and/or failing to list the original creditor, or even failing to list the date of last activity. (Our complaints are subject to withdrawal so long as they remove the derogatory/negative reporting – or we give them a special gift of 2-3 hours’ worth of paperwork in responses).

We also have letters that are designated to go to the State Attorney General’s office as well as other agencies that legally assist us in removing these negative items off of your credit reports. We can prepare affidavits, do certified mail, and use other effective techniques to improve your credit repair process. We also have other proprietary techniques that mandate and compel the credit bureaus to remove your negative items in numerous special situations.


We do world class credit repair as well as adding trade lines, building credit (also building business credit), debt negotiation, and presentations and seminars to get people approved for large loans at low interest rates.

We service clients that are serious about their credit and virtually every program that we have, is based on pay per performance structure.

Having suburb credit is worth a fortune, and brings peace of mind.